Finance Council

The Florida School Finance Council serves as an advisory committee to the Commissioner of Education on school funding and business issues. The Council is comprised of 18 members representing small, medium and large school districts and 3 ex-officio members. All representatives are active finance officers responsible for the financial operations of their respective school districts. The Council represents a diverse mix of school districts across the state in terms of size, student demographics, population density, and region.

 Finance Council Members 2019-2020

2020 Finance Council Meeting Notes NEW!
The COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in tremendous uncertainty and new challenges on a daily basis.  The Finance Council, which includes members from 18 Districts and FLDOE staff, has met weekly since March 25th to collaborate and share strategies to address those challenges.  Meeting notes will be posted here for FSFOA members.  A forum has been established so members can send questions to the Council.  Finance Council Forum
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FY 21 Documents
Finance Council FY 21 Budget Priorities and Recommendations (handout version) NEW!
2020-21 FEFP Preliminary LBR Calculation NEW!

FY 20 Documents
Finance Council FY20 Budget Recommendations and Priorites (handout version) 
Finance Council FY20 Budget Recommendations 

FY 19 Documents
Update to FSFOA 2018-06-14
Update to FSFOA 2017-11-16

Finance Council Letter to Commissioner 2017-07-10 
FY 19 Finance Council Budget Priorities 
Finance Council SBOE Presentation 2017-07-17 
Finance Council Presentation to FSFOA 2017-06-22

FY 18 Documents
Finance Council Agenda 11-8-2016
FY 2018 Budget Priorities and Recommendations