Greetings, Members and Colleagues!                                 

The Florida School Finance Officers Association (FSFOA) exists to create and promote public interest in the cause of public education; to help secure uniform accounting and reporting; to improve business management practices; and to cooperate with other organizations promoting public education.  

Membership is open to persons engaged in any of the many areas of business management of the public school system.  There are four types of membership.

Regular Members -  Individuals employeed by one of the sixty-seven school districts in Florida.
Non-Voting Members - Individuals engaged in the financial management of public schools but not employed by one of the sixty-seven school districts in Florida.  This group includes Florida Virtual School, Charter Schools and Lab Schools.
Retirees - Retired Finance Officers
Honorary Members - Individuals employed by the Florida Department of Education that work with Finance Officers.

Membership in the Florida School Finance Officers Association runs on a calendar year basis.  Membership in our organization has been growing annually and our sincere wish would be to continue this trend and to have all districts well represented within our family.  The annual membership fee for Regular and Non-Voting members is $50 and is paid once per calendar year.  Retirees and Honorary Members can join at no charge.

FSFOA members receive a discounted rate to attend our two annual conferences.  Due to COVID-19, there will only be one conference this year.  It is planned for November at the Caribe Royale in Orlando.  In addition to our conference, we have added a series of webinars designed to provide the training normally available during our conferences.  These webinars, with the exception of Ethics for CPA (provided by FICPA) will be free for all paid members.  This is an exciting new opportunity to provide training to your team members without any additional cost or time away from the office.  These conferences and webinars are a great way to learn new skills, gain information on upcoming legislative changes, and network with your fellow peers from other districts, as well as earn CPE.  In addition, members have access to the FSFOA website tools such as discussion forums, job postings and surveys.

I encourage you to renew your current membership or become a first-time member of the Florida School Finance Officers Association.  Please register online to become a member of the FSFOA at the link shown below.  Your membership fee can then be paid by either credit card or check. 

Please share a copy of this information with the other finance employees in your District.  As an association we strive to offer opportunities to our members so they can be successful in our field.  To do that, we need new ideas, new solutions to old problems, and new members to carry on the traditions and leadership of the FSFOA.

Become a Member of FSFOA  or Renew your Membership


Thank you for your continued support and participation.



Shari Horsey, CPA
Vice President, FSFOA