Institute of Florida School Finance

The Institute of Florida School FInance was developed by the Finance Council, in conjunction with the Florida School FInance Officers Association.  It is a comprehensive training program outlining school finance related topics for which participants receive a certificate after completion of the coursework and attain a successful demonstration of the course learning objectives.

The program offers:
Career advancement for participants
Enhance school district’s ability to fill vacancies with qualified applicants
Help school districts strategically develop talent
Succession Plan

This is a two-Year Program, with meetings at least quarterly.  The meetings will coincide with the FSFOA conferences when possible.

The Institute includes face-to-face training, online courses. on-the-job training and mentors

The total cost of the program is $2,000 split into two annual payments of $1,000. 

Upon enrollment attendees sign a commitment to complete along with their immediate supervisor

Each cohort is expected to have 20-25 participants.


Team Pages - available only to participants and instructors

IFSF Cohort 1