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P Card Rebate

Our District has finally received its first rebate on the use of P cards. Does your District have a policy or process for handling the proportionate share of rebates that go back to grants? Specifically those grants that don't have a successor and are closed?

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  1. Cynthia Hill

    May. 18, 2016

    FLDOE issued a memo to District School Superintendents explaining how to handle the rebates on December 19, 2014. I will try to forward the memo via email.

  2. Barbara Roller

    May. 17, 2016

    Our rebate check is based on a calendar year. In July after posting all pcard transactions through June 30, we pull a G/L excel extract of pcard transactions from Jan 1-June 30, sort by coding, figure the percentage of the total for each fund and/or project. We then figure our expected rebate for that period of time and do June 30th journal entries to credit the grants and federal monies. This usually catches most grants that may be closing. When we get the actual rebate, we do the same procedure for the entire calendar year but subtract the amount that was credited in June. Differences in closed grants have been minimal.