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Check Guarantor (NSF)

1. What vendor does your District use for a Check Guarantor (NSF)? 2. What is your District’s success rate for collections through the guarantor? 3. How happy is your District with the vendor service?

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  1. Dawn Posey

    May. 31, 2017

    St Johns County uses CHECKredi and they guarantee all checks up to a maximum of $2,500 at 100% of the face value whether the check has been collected or not. We have been with CHECKredi for over 8 years and are very happy with their services.

  2. Debbie Fussell

    May. 30, 2017

    Escambia County School District uses Envision Payment Solutions. They guarantee checks up to $300. We've used them for a year now and have been very pleased.

  3. Valerie Brown

    May. 30, 2017

    Marion County School Board uses Check Redi for NSF. We are very happy with their services. They guarantee payment up to $250.