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Pay Pal

Does your district allow the use of Pay Pal for accepting payments? If so, is the Pay Pal account tied directly to your bank account?

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  1. Deborah Smith

    Sep. 26, 2017

    Sumter County currently does not use paypal but are looking at our options. any input on accepting credit card payment would be appreciated.

  2. Leanne Evans

    May. 19, 2017

    Palm Beach doesn't accept paypal. However we do accept mastercard and visa via School Cash Online. That is the accounting system for our school internal accounts and includes a fully integrated online payments module.

  3. Marcia Saulo

    May. 17, 2017

    Lighthouse Academies uses PayPal to accept fundraising donations. It is tied to our bank account, in that we can log in and instruct PayPal to transfer the fund to the bank account without having to re-enter the information

    1. Marcia Saulo

      May. 17, 2017

      I'm CFO for Lighthouse Academies; we are a charter management organization based in Wesley Chapel, opening school(s) in Florida soon.

    2. Lois Gore

      May. 17, 2017

      Thank you. What district are you with?

  4. Alex Rella

    May. 16, 2017

    Alachua does not accept PayPal payments, but we are going to be reviewing options in the near future.

  5. Dawn Meyers

    May. 15, 2017

    Pinellas County does not use PayPal. However, we are piloting RevTrak and rolling it out next fiscal year to all our schools and it does tie directly to each school's bank account.

  6. Kristen Corrigan

    May. 12, 2017

    Marion County does not accept Paypal payments. I will be interested to see what other districts do!

  7. Kelly Leavins

    May. 12, 2017

    Holmes County does not accept Paypal payments at this time.