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Schools of Excellence

Would you please share how your District plans on implementing Schools of Excellence? How do you plan on calculating/budgeting revenue for each school? How are you calculating the ESE Guarantee funding/revenue per school? How are you determining the cost the school will pay in regards to things that...

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Sharing Referendum Funds with Charters

Couple questions for those counties that have passed a sales or property tax referendum: 1. Is it sales tax or millage? 2. Do you share with charters? If yes, 3. Does your ballot language specifically mention charters?

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Budgeting Salaries and Benefits

We have recently been questioned on the validity of using average salaries and benefits for budgeting resources to our schools. Specifically, the budgeted funding of our lower socio-economic schools is misrepresentative as those schools tend to have less expensive teachers. Could you tell me if you ...

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