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Budget Sheets for Agenda Items

Does your District require that all agenda items presented to the School Board for approval include a budget sheet that provides the original budget, expenditures to date and available budget? If so, please provide a copy of the budget sheet. Are budget sheets also required when the agenda item is o...

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P Card Rebate

Our District has finally received its first rebate on the use of P cards. Does your District have a policy or process for handling the proportionate share of rebates that go back to grants? Specifically those grants that don't have a successor and are closed?

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Internal Service Fund

Does anyone use and Internal Service Fund to charge the Transportation and Maintenance Departments for vehicle maintenance provided by the garage?

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New Website

The new website has an area called Forums. It is accessible from the Quick Links or from the Member Area. Eventually, this will be accessible only by members. It will allow you to ask a question of our members and then receive comments or answers. We hope you will enjoy this new feature!

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Community Eligibility Provision

Does your district utilize the Community Eligibility Provision and offer free meals to schools? If yes: • Did it affect your Tile I funding? • Can you offer any guidance or pros and cons? If not: • Are you not eligible? Or is there another reason?

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